New Year, New Day!

It’s a New Year, more importantly, it’s a New Day!  I am making a commitment to myself to blog more regularly.  Using this as a form of journal-ling.  Almost six year’s ago now, to be precise, February 7, 2010 I made the decision to change my life.  Some habits are hard to break, and some habits were breaking me.

Physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually I was dying.  It was my addiction that brought me to the point of loosing everything.  My home, my health, my marriage, my family!  The pain that I felt was real, yet I had inflicted so much more pain on myself. Six year’s ago, I knew that I had a choice.  I could choose to live, or I could choose to die!  Some spark of life in me felt that there was another way to do this thing called life, I just didn’t know how.

The first step, they say is always the hardest.  I went into a Withdrawal Management Program and that is where my journey of Recovery and discovery began.  I am learning so much about myself.  Learning to take care of myself, learning what I like and don’t like, learning about boundaries, relationships, what I value, how to be in the world. Most importantly, I like who I am now!  I can enjoy my own company!  I don’t get bored or restless anymore, because I can sit with myself.  I have discovered that the hole that I was trying to fill with all the external things was my spirit crying for nurturing.

Walking with my two little dogs daily along the river, I have been taking photographs with my phone of the seasonal changes.  Continually enthralled by the beauty that I am blessed to see with my eye’s!  My senses are filled with the feel of the cool, crisp air, in winter it truly does feel like a renewing of the earth, and I too am being renewed.



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Photographer, Knitter, Mother , Christian, Recovering, Victim, Survivor, Thrive, Activist, Reader, Church Singer,Learning Inuktitut language of Baffin Island Inuit. Community Leader, Activist, Advocate and Disrupter!

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