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Unlost and Found: Animal Activist’s Stolen Camera Returned After Meandering Journey

There are good people in the world!


Twyla Francois - Animal ProtectorWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

Art by: Twyla Francois Art

An animal advocate’s camera is a priceless tool that often endures many indignities while capturing the inhumanity of a food animal’s arduous trip to the slaughterhouse. Anita Krajnc’s pro-level Canon cameras, used for Toronto Pig Save vigils and other events, have been inadvertently drowned in fair-trade vegan hot chocolate, and brusquely dropped into mud. But the last Canon camera owned by Anita was surely thought to be irretrievably lost when it was stolen along with her purse in broad daylight in December 2014 in Toronto.

At this point, several kind people came forward to purchase a replacement camera for Anita, who moved on from the experience and perhaps did not realize that a trail of breadcrumbs had been left that enabled the camera to find its way back to her more than six months later….

When the camera had previously fallen…

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Idle No More: Dear Cindy

Elyse Bruce


Republished in West Coast Native News HERE.


Two weeks ago, this message was sent to my blog by Cindy. Her comments were riddled with a number of incorrect comments and negative stereotypes that I felt needed to be addressed in a calm and rational way. Here’s an unedited screenshot of what Cindy wrote:

Idle No More_Cindy's Comments

Rather than put it through on the messages, I thought I’d address the inaccurate claims made by Cindy in a blog article.

Why don’t natives get jobs just like everyone else in Canada?

One of the most widespread myths is that First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples are lazy bums who don’t work for a living. The fact of the matter is that I’ve addressed this issue in previous blog articles. Not only do First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples have jobs like everyone else in Canada, many of them run their own successful businesses.


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