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Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (14)

Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History of Day 2 (14).


Destabilizing Disability: Including addiction for cross-movement solidarity

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“Destabilizing Disability: Including addiction for cross-movement solidarity” is published in Knots: An Undergraduate Journal of Disability Studies. The journal is available to order off of the from the margins catalog > > > < < <

Destabilizing disability to include addiction opens up possibilities for coalition building across marginalized experiences and creates new ways of knowing. Addiction has rarely been considered through a disability studies perspective, yet the experience of the addicted body can be explained through a disability studies perspective without naming the addict as disabled. Shifting disability from an identity category into the more relatable experiences of normalcy and accessibility is useful for creating alliance across differences. I will first destabilize the fixed imagination of the disabled body. Following, I will suggest that the addicted body does not relate to disabled body. Next, I will suggest that shared experiences relating to ab/normalcy and in/accessibility are more relatable to…

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Reclaim Your Space

Don’t forget the storage unit!

Square Peg, Round Hole Friends

Well into a Tiny House Build.