A year in review, the life of a recovering addict. The good the bad the ugly and beautiful

Crazy Awful Beautiful Life

This time last year i was pretty broken. I was in a place so dark that even imagining where i am today was impossible and unthinkable. I not once thought i’d be where i am right right now. I was so emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt and ashamed, resentful and hurt with who i’d become that i had truly given up on life and i had lost the will to live. Today i am 356 days clean. Longest i have ever been clean in my life. I haven’t touched a drink or drug since January 13th 2014. When i decided to put myself into treatment i just wanted the pain to stop. I never expected to get the gifts I’d gotten so far from being in recovery. It’s amazing how much life can change when you simply want it too bad enough. And i wanted it REAL bad. When i stepped…

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Photographer, Knitter, Mother , Christian, Recovering, Victim, Survivor, Thrive, Activist, Reader, Church Singer,Learning Inuktitut language of Baffin Island Inuit. Community Leader, Activist, Advocate and Disrupter!

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