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Taiwan – Tainan; 2 Days Trip on History (5)

Beautiful and fun!

Outlook in Life

Hi!! Still at Chikan Area; the old part of Tainan City.

If you have followed me in the previous post, I have just visited the Grand Mazu Temple. Walking out from small alley was another temple; Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple. Nope, I did not enter but I saw a group of people performing outside the temple.

20140420-060410 pm.jpg

Here’s another temple near by; just across the street where I was.

20140420-060420 pm.jpg

mmm… what’s this guy selling?

20140420-060428 pm.jpg

Anyone can read?

20140420-060437 pm.jpg

Well… it is like a sweet candy and you have the option to have the Chinese celery in it too. For me, it was a bit too hard for my teeth and also a bit on the sweeter side. The celery did give a slightly different taste though.

20140420-060444 pm.jpg

Walking along the older part of Tainan city, you can see lots of temples. If you love the Chinese temple architecture, Tainan would be the place.

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The Irrelevant Letter

Examine your life!


What would anyone think if I said Screwtape’s twenty-ninth letter is now completely irrelevant? My statement is not given because the letter’s backdrop is WWII. Nor is it made because there was an epic fail in understanding human nature. Neither is it made because the concepts of fear, hatred, courage, cowardice, despair, virtue, forgiveness, and mercy no longer hold meaning. Something else has changed.

Screwtape does get in some good zingers, some valid insights before the letter becomes irrelevant. Tempters cannot create a virtue. So he cautions his tempter nephew to remember that allowing the introduction of virtue, even to bolster an evil stance, is to begin playing on God’s ground. However, a virtuoso tempter can add to a virtue in ways that twist it into something unrecognizable from its original intention and state. That is usually done by the careful splitting of hairs in order to introduce elements of…

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Snacks from the Earth: Raw Mountain Foods


Green Living Ottawa

Written by Denise Deby.

Photo courtesy Raw Mountain Foods Photo courtesy Raw Mountain Foods

A few weeks ago I sat down for tea with Candace Tierney. She’s the founder of Raw Mountain Foods, a Carp-based company that makes snacks from plants.

Raw Mountain Foods’ celery root chips, blueberry kale chips and other products are available at Rainbow Foods, Herb and Spice, The Green Door Grocer, Market Organics, the Natural Food Pantry in Kanata and a few other local shops, as well as online.

Some of the ingredient combinations may sound unusual, but Candace explains that’s part of their appeal, to her and to customers. She’s careful to match and balance flavours, and conducts market research before launching new products. She also does product demos around town so people have a chance to get to know what’s available.

Candace’s love of experimenting with ingredients arose during her late teens, when she began changing her own diet…

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“let’s do it”

Less is more!

little gypsy soul

I called my realtor today and said, “Let’s do it. Let’s sell a house.” Four weeks ago, I had no idea I would be putting my house on the market. No idea. Ya’ll. This is real.

Why tiny? Why sell almost everything I own to build and move into a tiny house? Why not just downsize? Why build it myself? Why move out of a house I love? Why 200 square feet? Why so tiny? I’m glad you asked!

Mostly, this:

Fira-town,-Santorini,-Greecemachu-picchu-late-afternoonthailand-(1)--lowNew-zealand-adventure11dub-sea-beachMadre Kenya TripChile_Argentina_Wine-Country-21landing_page

Because if I sell everything I own to build and move into a tiny house, those pictures become memories.

The fact that it would put me in a position to accept opportunities to train and practice with some important teachers without stressing about money is huge. The fact that I could return to Kenya each year is pretty stellar. The idea of living comfortably within my means in a home that I design…

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Chomping with False Teeth


Screwtape’s twenty-eighth letter shares a particular tone and point of view with another well known, evil literary character penned by another of Lewis’ contemporaries. See if this riddle looks familiar. “This thing all things devours: birds, beasts, trees, flowers; gnaws iron, bites steel; grinds hard stones to meal; slays kings, ruins town, and beats high mountain down.” If the guess was Gollum, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Hobbit, that would be correct. It is the last riddle Gollum posed to Bilbo during the riddling contest. Gollum’s victory would ensure he could do what this riddle’s answer does and devour Bilbo.

The answer to the riddle, the thing that can do all these horrible things listed in the riddle, is time. From Screwtape’s point of view, in the case of most human beings, there is never enough time to ensure that their spirits will pass through the infernal gates at the end…

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Municipal Election 2014: Making Your Vote Count

Green Living Ottawa

Written by Denise Deby.

Creating a City for All campaign image!how-to-get-involved/c5f1 Creating a City for All campaign image!how-to-get-involved/c5f1

Now’s your chance to have an influence on the kind of city you want. Elections for mayor, city councillors and school trustees happen on Monday, October 27, 2014.

The City of Ottawa has election information on its website, including a list of candidates for each ward.

As well, several groups in Ottawa are asking candidates where they stand on key environmental and social issues, as a guide for voters (and to give attention to these issues).

Ecology Ottawa has been working to identify the environmental issues that are important to residents, and to raise these with candidates. Among the issues: sustainable transportation, healthy trees and waterways, action on climate change and stopping the Energy East pipeline.

Candidates’ positions on these issues can be found here. Ottawa has also compiled candidates’ answers to questions about…

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