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Tactics: Having “The Talk”


Well, brace up, everyone. We are going to talk about that three letter word . . . sex. Or what sex should mean, as opposed to what it is perceived to mean. The funny thing is, when Lewis had his demonic mouthpiece, Screwtape, pen letter eighteen, it was seventy or so years ago. While conditions have changed somewhat in our culture today, the underlying attitude about sex, what it seems to mean, and what the Bible says about what it means, have not changed. What was true about our culture’s attitude seventy years ago is still true today. The only real differences are how widely and openly the attitude is displayed, and the areas into which it has been applied. On the other hand, the Biblical attitude has never changed.

Screwtape’s opening salvo is all about expectations. He cites, correctly, that God’s expectation for sex is an all or nothing…

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