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Omushkegowuk Walkers Reach Ottawa

Green Living Ottawa

Written by Denise Deby.

Last week, a group of people arrived in Ottawa after a long journey. Omushkegowuk Walkers Danny Metatawabin, Brian Okimaw and Paul Mettina left Attawapiskat on January 4, and walked 1700 km—around 50 days—to reach Parliament Hill.

Their message: that Canada needs to honour its treaties with First Nations, and build relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and with the earth that are based on respect.

The three men and about 20 other walkers who joined them along the way reached the Human Rights Monument and Parliament Hill on Monday, February 24, where elders and supporters greeted them. Lynda Kitchikeesic Juden gives an account of the walkers’ arrival on the “Reclaiming our Steps” Facebook page.

At their arrival, and on social media, people have been expressing their awe of and…

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A Matter of Faith

The Things I See Up Here


I don’t believe in a lot of things.

I don’t believe that the electric car isn’t a viable option but the big oil companies keep it suppressed.

I don’t believe that most people know how to properly use the word “awesome” because most of the things they use it to describe hardly inspire awe. “Awesome” describes seeing your first child born not the new sandwich at Wendy’s.

I don’t believe being older makes you any smarter. I know far too many older people who are still just as dumb as they were when they were younger but are now just more ignorant about it.

I don’t believe that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are training our kids for anything other than data entry jobs.

I don’t believe your friends should always tell you the truth because if you have to ask their opinion of what you are wearing you already know…

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