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Mohammad: In his Beginning



Mohammad was born in or about 570 AD, in what is now Mecca, 45 miles from the Red Sea on the Arabian Peninsula. Mecca was a minor trading center, origin point and pass through point for caravans carrying goods such as leather, cloth from wool, goat, and camel hair, livestock, and perhaps, figs. It was also what was then called a haram, a sacred place. It housed the Ka’bah, a cube building holding around 360 idols, including a certain large black rock well known in the present day. As such, Mecca was a place of pilgrimage, especially the annual Ramadan pilgrimage, for the surrounding desert tribes. Because of its religious significance, it was also a place where all feuds were suspended, which allowed trade fairs to occur. Mohammad was born into the family whose job it was to maintain the Ka’bah and arbitrate the trade fair and any disputes. This…

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