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Journey Through!

Reunited four years ago, after thirty nine years, with my biological father. Travelling to Edmonton once a year since to visit with him. Many of the questions that I had like the,”why’s and the why nots “, have been answered. Many were not to my hopes or expectations and that’s the rub!

My natural mother used to say, with malvolence, “You’re just like your father!”  I am in some ways like my father, he has a quick wit that brings and give’s laughter. I too have this ability, to connect with another in a light, convivial way.

I am trying to focus on the opportunity that I have had getting to know my father, it has been a difficult journey. A journey through, my hopes, my expectations, my disappointments, my frustrations and ultimately coming to a kind of understanding.  It is a familiar journey through, I have had many challenges in my life.

I am not always grateful,  when I am in the midst of growth and change!  Occasionally there are tears and yes, even a few tantrums,  still shedding some old baggage,  emotional and spiritual. When the dust settles the gratitude simmer up, along with contentment!  Recognizing that I am not in control is a crucial component of this journey through. Thank God I’m not God!

On a lighter note, while I was in Edmonton,  these are some of the photographs that I took on my daily walks! Blessings and gratitude to you!





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Anxiety Bites

workplace mental health

A few weeks ago I shared with my friends, family and the online community my new role as a Community Correspondent with Partners for Mental Health. I received lots of positive feedback and a great welcome from the staff and other volunteers.

I did however receive one bit of criticism that has stuck with me and I knew I needed to write about it. A friend asked me:

“Are you at all worried about potential employers finding your blog?” 

This question surprised me as it was something that I hadn’t considered. I love writing my blog. I’m passionate about mental health awareness, and being open about my own struggles with anxiety and depression has been an integral part of my ability to manage my life. It has also created the opportunity for me connect with like minded people across the world.

I have been so proud of how far I’ve…

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