Interlude Finery! | Jeremy MacLaine

Winterlude‚ is in full swing with lots of exciting outdoor activities happening throughout the National Capital Region. As usual, most of the action happens downtown in and around Confederation Park.

This year’s Winterlude features something special:‚ The Lantern Garden of the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival. I’m not sure where the Winterlude organizers found this thing, but kudos to them because it is awesome.

The tunnel, which is made from over a thousand lanterns, which feature a bright blue and orange hue, has been a popular site so far. Winterlude’s website describes it as a “highly colourful experience and that’s certainly true. I keep seeing colourful pictures of the unique display on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I took a few photos myself, which you can see below. But it’s much more fun to go see the real thing in-person and snap a few photos of your own. So if you…

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