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The Yukon is Canada’s most north-western possession. As a semi-autonomous territory it is partly administered directly from Ottawa (unlike provinces which have their own governments) and partly from its own legislature. Founded in 1898 as a separate entity from the Hudson Bay Company’s Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory was given quasi-provincehood in 2002 following a Royal Decree in the federal Parliament of Canada.

The Yukon borders British Columbia in the south, the Northwest Territories in the east and Alaska in the west. It is mostly mountainous in the west but the north and east open up to brilliant tundra, which is home to thousands of species of rare plants, animals and birds that are only found in the Yukon’s unique environment. The Yukon’s total population is just over 30,000 inhabitants, meaning that the stunning nature of this land has remained virtually untouched by human development.


The Yukon is most famous for…

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