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Wild Mercy...

Suffering of any kind can be a compelling opportunity to see and experience the face of Jesus in places where otherwise we might be blind.  We find and are shown grace at the margins of life.”

N.C. (the earthy monk)

“In Jesus, we discover that God is just sloppy with his amazing grace and completely beyond common sense when it comes to his love.”

Chaplain Mike (Internet Monk)

On this Christmas Day, I am reminded of Christmas Day 2010.  I had worked a 16 hour day at Maya Angelou House, a 90-day residential addiction treatment program for homeless women who have hit rock bottom in every way.  Being with the women of Maya Angelou House on that Christmas Day reminded me of the two truths quoted above.

Maya Angelou House is run by a group I worked previously with almost 20 years ago as an AIDS social…

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Acclaimed Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook’s life again runs off rails again

Oh Annie I pray for you, my dear! Annie life is so much better clean and sober!

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See on Scoop.itInuit Nunangat Stories

They came to this newspaper last July, looking for help because a baby was on the way and they needed their own place after living outdoors and in shelters for more than a year.


Northern_Clips‘s insight:

"…on Friday, outside the Ottawa Mission where she often goes for meals, Pootoogook revealed she is through with Watt and expects she will never be reunited with her baby. Pootoogook thinks the child will be put up for adoption. She also admitted the drinking never stopped, and both she and Watt continued to take drugs.

The story gets worse.

Earlier this month, as they were drinking red wine in their apartment, Watt suddenly flew into a drunken rage and beat her up.

Watt was sentenced to 45 days in jail for assault, and though police would not identify the victim, Pootoogook says it was her…

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My 2012 in Photographs

Really enjoying Leanne’s work! Hope you do too!

Winter Solitude

The winter sights and sounds.


The ground crunches and creak as I walk.


Sounds are muffled,  even traffic noises are softened. 


Few are out and about, the park where I like to photograph is virtually deserted.


Out for a walk during a snow storm the other day, and these are some of the photographs that I have taken.

Winter Has Arrived!

The trees are dressed in their winter white!


The spareness of the tree limbs are softened by the light and the covering of snow. Yes, it is winter here in Ottawa now!


Up until a week and a half ago, we had only a bit of snow. Now the snow brightening the day, seems to bring relief, from the dimness of fall.


It is even brighter at night.